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Self Audit - PandemicClean

The aim of this self audit is to give you information how prepared your company is for a pandemic situation. The audit is mapping both work activities and the result of cleaning.

Please choose the most appropriate answer to each question.

You'll receive feedback after each question based on your answer. The best answer, in the opinion of the PandemicClean project team, can be seen in the green colour scheme.

At the end of the questionnaire, you will also see your result compared to the best answers and the average of other respondents' answers.

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How clean are the contact surfaces?

Look at the rooms in your cleaning area. Which surfaces are touched by the people who use the given rooms? Try to discover all frequently touched surfaces.

Now that you have found them, rate their cleanliness and choose the answer that best suits your situation.

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Does the cleaner use the cleaning cloth folded?

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How are cleaning cloths/mops washed?

If you wish to receive your result also by email, please write down your name and email address (Note: possible only if we buy the premium version).

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